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Lymphatic drainage

50 min

A draining massage based on the Renata Franca method, which stimulates the body to accelerate its elimination processes through tonic gestures, firm pressure, regular pumping and a sustained rhythm. It acts on water retention, swelling, cellulite, bloating, immune defences, fatigue and sports recovery.


New 2024
  130€ /pers.

Osteopathic treatment

40 min

Manual technique practised by a qualified osteopath to rebalance osteoarticular, muscular and visceral structures.
By appointment only

  100€ /pers.

Session of madotherapy

50 min

Inspired by Colombian traditions, madotherapy is a treatment technique that can be personalised to reflect your morphology and needs. It makes it possible to smooth, firm, break down fibrous cellulite and naturally reshape your figure using objects made from ash wood. 

Possibility of 10 sessions at 820 €.

  95€ /pers.

Dietetic consultation

45 min

Carried out by a dietician-nutritionist: research into expectations and motivations, analysis of dietary behaviour and nutritional assessment.
By appointment only

  70€ /pers.

Session of Iyashi Dôme

30 min

The Japanese sauna, a secular tradition meets high technology. For more than 300 years, the Japanese have been burying themselves in hot volcanic sand (50°C) to eliminate toxins and purify themselves. This age-old ritual has been the source of inspiration for the Iyashi Dome, relying on heat diffused by a long infrared emission. Your ally for detox, rejuvenation, slimming and sleeping.

Package of 5 sessions: 225 € / Package of 10 sessions: 450 €.

  50€ /pers.

Session of pressotherapy

20 min

Leg treatment to encourage venous return thanks to the mechanical drainage of pressotherapy boots and an application of camphor and menthol gel.

  40€ /pers.
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