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Marine treatments

Self-heating mud wrap

20 min

This self-heating back mud relieves muscular tensions and stimulates energies.

  54€ /pers.

Seaweed wrap

20 min

Lie on a hot water floatation mattress with your body covered with seaweed, let yourself unwind and relax whilst your body replenishes with minerals.

  54€ /pers.

Submarine shower

15 min

This massaging shower which eliminates excess fluids takes place in a hot seawater bath using a variable pressure jet.

  49€ /pers.

Multijet bath

14 min

A hot seawater bath with hydrojets to massage you from your feet to your neck. Enjoy a moment of indulgence with the fragrance of your choice.

  39€ /pers.

Session of hydrojets

17 min

Lying on a water bed, the jets provide circular massage movements over the entire length of the body. The session will be enhanced with relaxing music, light therapy, aromatherapy and a collagen lamp to stimulate cellular activity in your face.

  39€ /pers.

Session of pressotherapy

20 min

A treatment for legs to promote vein flow thanks to the mechanical excess fluid elimination system of the pressotherapy boots.

  39€ /pers.
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