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Ideal treatment break for women

Ideal treatment break for women


24 treatments including 8 massages and 4 beauty treatments
Discover a world of personalised treatments designed especially for women. The perfect blend of body treatment and Carita beauty treatments. The benefits of seawater treatments, relaxation and gentle massages with delightful fragrances: you are guaranteed to unwind!

The program

Facial treatments

  • Thalgo fundamental sea treatment x 1
  • Biologique Recherche personalised facial skincare x 1


  • Polynesian massage x 1
  • L'Île de la Lagune signature massage x 1
  • Abhyanga massage x 1
  • Shiroshampi massage x 1
  • Thai foot relaxation x 1
  • Body scrub x 1
  • Balinese massage x 1 

Beauty treatments

  • Hand beauty treatment  x 1
  • Feet beauty treatment  x 1

Hydrotherapy treatments

  • Moisturising wrap (apricot, verbena, hibiscus, 3 teas) x 3
  • Multijet bath x 3
  • Session of hydrojets x 3
  • Session of pressotherapy x 1
  • Session of Iyashi Dôme x 2

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Session of Iyashi Dôme

(time : 30 min)

For more than 300 years, the Japanese have been burying themselves in hot volcanic sand (50°C) to eliminate toxins and purify themselves. This age-old ritual has been the source of inspiration for the Iyashi Dome, relying on heat diffused by a long infrared emission. Your ally for: detox (elimination of heavy metals), rejuvenation (improved hydration, elasticity, radiance of the complexion, body and face), slimming (losing 1 to 2 dress sizes), sleeping (jet lag, restorative sleep). 


(time : 50 min)

This signature treatment eliminates dead cells and improves skin texture. Combined with movements to eliminate excess fluids, it detoxifies cutaneous tissue.

Cinetic facial skincare

(time : min)

Thalgo fundamental sea treatment

(time : 50 min)

Bespoke, personalised treatment based on the needs of your skin: hydrating, purifying, comforting or nourishing.

Biologique Recherche personalised facial skincare

(time : 80 min)

Let yourself be guided by our Skin expert to find the treatment that best meets the needs of your skin.


Session of pressotherapy

(time : 20 min)

A treatment for legs to promote vein flow thanks to the mechanical excess fluid elimination system of the pressotherapy boots.

Session of hydrojets

(time : 17 min)

Lying on a water bed, the jets provide circular massage movements over the entire length of the body. The session will be enhanced with relaxing music, light therapy, aromatherapy and a collagen lamp to stimulate cellular activity in your face.

Thai foot relaxation

(time : 40 min)

This balm-based massage stimulates the reflex points on the arch of the foot to help restore balance in the body. Stretching and movement to eliminate excess fluids from the calves generate a feeling of lightness.

L'Île de la Lagune signature massage

(time : 50 min)

A comprehensive, relaxing personalised body massage offering deep relaxation with its enveloping, calming movements. Select the fragrance of your choice from our oils bar.

Shiroshampi massage

(time : 40 min)

A traditional Indian massage focussing on the trapezius muscles, face and scalp. Alternating gentle and rhythmic movement with pressure applied by the fingers. Relaxation, unwinding and release of pent-up energies.

Polynesian massage

(time : 80 min)

A slow and relaxing massage accompanied by parcels of hot sand to relax the muscles deep down. Enveloped in monoi fragrances, your spirit will be freed of all tension, allowing your body to unwind.

Balinese massage

(time : 50 min)

This frangipani flower oil massage balances the body and mind to encourage a harmonious flow of energy. Its softness combined with its intensity allows the body to unwind and restores well-being.

Abhyanga massage

(time : 50 min)

This traditional gentle Indian Ayurvedic massage with sesame oil envelopes the whole body is slow circular movements and sliding presses. This treatment is particularly suitable for people suffering from stress and relaxes and provides serenity.

Body scrub

(time : 25 min)

Choose from our range of sugar, salt and sand scrubs to dive into an exceptional moment of well-being : Polynesian - Verbena - Sun fruits - Pepper-Cinnamon - Ayurvedic - 3 salts.

Moisturising wrap (apricot, verbena, hibiscus, 3 teas)

(time : min)

Lie on a hot water floatation mattress with your body covered with apricot, verbena, hibiscus or 3 teas, let yourself relax and unwind whilst your body rehydrates and softness is restored.

Feet beauty treatment

(time : 60 min)

Including complete treatment, exfoliation, IROHA mask, massage and single varnish application.

Hand beauty treatment

(time : 60 min)

Including complete treatment, IROHA mask, massage and single varnish application. 

Multijet bath

(time : 14 min)

A hot seawater bath with hydrojets to massage you from your feet to your neck. Enjoy a moment of indulgence with the fragrance of your choice.

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