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Marine Sveltesse treatment break

Marine Sveltesse treatment break


24 treatments including 6 slimming treatments and 3 massages
To make your figure firmer and to sculpt your curves, this cure provides your body with all the excess fluid elimination benefits of thalassotherapy treatments combined with slimming massages. Our thalassotherapy experts will plan your schedule based on your requirements. For guests staying at the hotel, in order to optimise the slimming results of your programme, we recommend selecting the dietetic full-board option. Our chef and our dietician will support you in creating bespoke menus and will advise you on a balanced diet throughout your week of thalassotherapy.

The program

Option full board at the hotel with dietary guidance
2 consultations with our dietician at the beginning and end of your stay for customers on full board dietetic at the hotel.

Preparing the body for treatments

  • Body scrub x 1

Slimming treatments

  •  Session of madotherapy x 3
  • Session of Iyashi Dôme x 3


  • L'Île de la Lagune signature massage x 3

Slimming hydrotherapy treatments

  • Slimming Seaweed wrap or Cryotherapy wrap x 6
  • Session of pressotherapy x 2
  • Multijet bath x 2
  • Session of hydrojets x 3
  • Submarine shower x 1

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Session of madotherapy

(time : 45 min)

Inspired by Colombian traditions, madotherapy is a treatment technique that can be personalised to reflect your morphology and needs. It makes it possible to smooth, firm, break down fibrous cellulite and naturally reshape your figure using objects made from ash wood. 

Session of Iyashi Dôme

(time : 30 min)

For more than 300 years, the Japanese have been burying themselves in hot volcanic sand (50°C) to eliminate toxins and purify themselves. This age-old ritual has been the source of inspiration for the Iyashi Dome, relying on heat diffused by a long infrared emission. Your ally for: detox (elimination of heavy metals), rejuvenation (improved hydration, elasticity, radiance of the complexion, body and face), slimming (losing 1 to 2 dress sizes), sleeping (jet lag, restorative sleep). 

Session of pressotherapy

(time : 20 min)

A treatment for legs to promote vein flow thanks to the mechanical excess fluid elimination system of the pressotherapy boots.

Session of hydrojets

(time : 17 min)

Lying on a water bed, the jets provide circular massage movements over the entire length of the body. The session will be enhanced with relaxing music, light therapy, aromatherapy and a collagen lamp to stimulate cellular activity in your face.

L'Île de la Lagune signature massage

(time : 25 min)

A comprehensive, relaxing personalised body massage offering deep relaxation with its enveloping, calming movements. Select the fragrance of your choice from our oils bar.

Knead and roll massage

(time : min)

This toning manual massage kneads the skin, releasing and reducing cellulite.

Body scrub

(time : 20 min)

Choose from our range of sugar, salt and sand scrubs to dive into an exceptional moment of well-being : Polynesian - Verbena - Sun fruits - Pepper-Cinnamon - Ayurvedic - 3 salts.

Cryotherapy wrap

(time : 20 min)

Thanks to the beneficial properties of seaweed and camphor, this wrap will impart lightness and freshness.

Seaweed wrap

(time : 20 min)

Lie on a hot water floatation mattress with your body covered with seaweed, let yourself unwind and relax whilst your body replenishes with minerals.

Submarine shower

(time : 15 min)

This massaging shower which eliminates excess fluids takes place in a hot seawater bath using a variable pressure jet.

Multijet bath

(time : 14 min)

A hot seawater bath with hydrojets to massage you from your feet to your neck. Enjoy a moment of indulgence with the fragrance of your choice.

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